Real Opinions offers full service market research consultancy through it's globally based consultants.

We specialise in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) providing innovative and strategic market research solutions.

Why the name 'Real Opinions', you may ask? We wanted a name to show we truly believe in empowering everyday people with the opportunity to have their opinion heard and for our clients to not only hear but for them to understand how to act upon them. We also have a straight forward approach to work and employ industry leading experts and worldwide affiliations.
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We employ highly experienced market researchers and communication specialists  from both the client and agency side.

Through our combined experience, we humbly consider ourselves masters of market research and designing Effects Based Operations (EBO). From traditional methodologies through to creating new digital approaches, our research is customised to fuse the best approaches for clients like no other in the region.

We could go on  for  longer, but the key aspect we are united on is to provide our  clients with the most accurate and insightful research to best meet their unique needs…and to go that step further, to give our opinions!
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Visit our blog for all our latest news and to leave feedback

Visit our blog for all our latest news and to leave feedback.
Follow us on Twitter to read what we’re up to and our views  on industry news.

Follow us
on Twitter
to read
what we’re up to and our views  on industry news.
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Why Join? This is your opportunity to have your opinion heard by completing online surveys. You will occasionally have the opportunity to read some results on this website and in the media.

Rewards. As a thank you, we often offer a variety of rewards such as gift vouchers, entry into prize draws and also the opportunity to donate to a charity of your choice just for responding in our surveys.

How does it work? Once you have filled in the joining form, we will periodically send you an email giving you the details of the latest survey, including the reward, topic, closing date and the expected time it will take you to complete it. In the email will be a link for you to click on to take you to the online survey to complete it. There are no right or wrong answer and we fully respect your freedom of opinion with confidentiality.

How to join? Simply click on the red button!

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steps to join our panel
Step 1
Click on the red button below and fill in the panel registration form.

Step 2
Receive email invitation, follow link to online questionnaire, complete it and receive an entry into the prize draw

Step 3
Read about  the results and who won  the prize draw in the ‘News’ section.
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solutions - online communities
We have set-up our own Middle East online panel and through affiliates to global online panels. Whether it’s youth in Saudi Arabia, business people in the GCC or those interested in visiting Dubai from elsewhere, we can discover their opinions. We can also develop engaging community websites harnessing and focusing discussions on subjects of interest to you. It combines the "wisdom of the crowds" concept with Web 2.0 models like Digg for feedback. Create portals for ad-hoc feedback and automatic bubbling of suggestions based on user voting
solutions - 360º communication
We have set-up a process to ensure your communication is both strategically rooted in your objectives and that advertising spend is optimized to reach these objectives. Referred to as Effects Based Operations (EBO), we strategically analyze the target audience, develop strategic messages, pre-test communication, assess actual communication reach and frequency by channel and overall effect in terms of key objectives, This whole process optimizes ROI and legitimizes every choice made in the campaign with a scientific quantitative approach.
real opinion leaders
Access the opinions of leaders in various fields throughout the region. Tapping into the opinions of these people provides insight into specialist areas, identify developing trends & issues impacting upon key industries. These leaders are not only sought after and respected, but also carry great viral communication potential to make or break in the court of public opinion through social networking websites.    These is where buzz marketing starts. These are the people you need on your side
work force
Using an innovative survey design & technique, we are able to provide you with a multi-layered analysis of your workforce. Analyzing areas such as motivation, leadership, communication, retention and a gap analysis of the organization from an employee’s perspective to help you prioritize the areas to improve We are also able to help put your results into perspective with a benchmark comparison of results from the region & beyond. What next? We can help you act upon these results with leading internal communication, training and development consultants.
solutions - special projects
We employ highly experienced researchers with both extensive regional and international experience who have worked with clients from various government, NGO’s and multinationals in extremely challenging locations. We have partnerships with high level psychologists, communication experts, statisticians and consultants around the globe we can tap into to work on your specialist projects to ensure success, no matter where. We use multimodal and innovative research techniques to be your eyes and ears on the changing landscape.
solutions - online world
With our team of industry leading developers and researchers, we are able to provide innovative research solutions to help you better understand internet behaviour to harness this rapidly evolving medium. Whether it’s improving your website’s usability, harnessing Web2.0, benchmark the performance of all  your organisation’s,  improving purchase conversion rates, pre-testing designs or getting more value from your online advertising, we can help
Solutions - Right Now
Whether you want to capture the opinions of people at a particular place and time or a fast response on the back of an event, we have introduced our ‘Right Now’ mobile phone research tool. Using a short telephone code, those in our panel or for example attendees at an event can provide their feedback instantly by answering a series of questions via SMS/text messages. You can view the result instantly online. Mobile phone usage is prolific in the region and this allows a greater coverage of respondents to participate, no matter where they are.
Solutions - Effective Measure
One of the greatest challenges in this digital era is to keep up to date on the latest innovations, techniques and trends to ensure you and your organisation are harnessing it to its full potential. Our own market research insight is at the centre of our training and consultation. We can help you or your organisation to improve decision making to reach your objectives.
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Real Opinions is headquartered in Dubai with consultants around the globe.
For business inquiries:
M (UAE): +971 (0)50 640 1890
M (UK): +44 (0)777 521 7258

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